About Us.

Dedicated to developing the youth especially Students. Travel Empire is a cultural exchange focused travel agency based in Accra – Ghana, West Africa.

Our Story

Our journey started in 2002 where the owners of Travel Empire who were university students at the time, worked as country representatives for the International Counselor Exchange Program (ICEP) based in Manhattan, New York City. Their focus then was on recruiting university students to participate in the Camp Counselor Programs to the US.

In 2008, they registered Africa Youth Exchange (AYE) as the official name under which the exchange program was managed from Ghana. Once the organization expanded into a fullservice travel agency the name was changed to AYE Travel Center but again due to similarities of their new name to a competing agency the name was changed. This time the company restructured their operations, rebranded and repositioned their commitment to exposing the youth to cultural exchange opportunities and experiences and thus Travel Empire Limited was born. Travel Empire collaborates with several visa sponsors in the US to administer its programs in their capacity as a sending agency in Ghana. Every year, as part of the Work and Travel program activities, Travel Empire organizes a Job Fair and Alumni Event in Ghana that brings visa sponsors, host organizations (employers), alumni and participants for a healthy and impactful time of sharing, interviewing for jobs in person and volunteering for a worthy cause. Travel Empire seeks to empower the youth for development through their exposure to cultural and educational exchange opportunities.

To develop and provide the youth, especially students, with quality and safe travel experiences that shape their outlook of the world and causes them to be impactful in their communities.

To be the leading travel agency offering innovative and immersive cultural exchange experiences to the youth especially students in Ghana and across Africa.

Our Values

Our work and programs are influenced by our leadership values that ensure we are
delivering our very best to be the leading cultural exchange agency in Ghana and across


We believe in treating everyone with respect irrespective of their culture, nationality, educational and social background. Our clients and partners deserve the best from our business and this only happens when our staff are fulfilled, loyal, engaged and motivated to perform at their very best. Mutual respect in our business helps promote a positive work culture that fuels productivity.


Our core business is promoting and developing the youth through cultural exchange. Because of this having an open mind is critical to our operations. We believe the first step to connecting with the world is to have an open mind.


We are guided by a high degree of work ethics including honesty, transparency, dependability and sound judgement. Our clients and partners believe in us to do the right thing and always consider their best interest inn everything we do.


We constantly explore new ideas and discover unique solutions to make our programs and business more efficient and impactful to our clients. Innovation lies at the core of our high-performance work systems and ensure that every staff is proactively involved in the business and contributing to the fresh, modern and engaging outlook of Travel Empire.