Why Travel Empire Limited

With 20 years of experience working on Exchange Visitor Programs (EVP), 7years trading under our current name and giving hundreds of young university students the opportunity to explore the US and other parts of the world, Travel Empire Limited has amassed the know-how and competence to offer safe, reliable and impactful programs that develops young people especially students and gives value for investment made into participating on our programs.

Our staff are knowledgeable, motivated and enthusiastic about our work, delivering professional service and adhering to best practices that ensure the success of our programs.

We work with hard working and resourceful partners who give us a competitive advantage in running our exchange visitor programs by creating and maintaining meaningful partnership with both government and private sector agencies in our destination countries and guarantee the safety and wellbeing of our participants.

Anytime you choose Travel Empire, you are allowing us to positively impact the life of a young person and put them on a path to realizing their dreams and giving back to their community.

Are you interested in participating on any of our programs?